Picardie Markets

Marché Picard Canele - Baie de Somme

Go to the nearby Picardy markets and enjoy the fresh and artisanal products of local producers…

Crécy en Ponthieu (morning), Mers les Bains (morning, all year round), Quend Plage (morning)

Cayeux sur Mer (morning), Le Crotoy (République street, morning in July and August), Fort-Mahon Plage (morning in summer)

Ault-Onival (morning in July and August), Escarbotin (afternoon), Longprés-les-Corps-Saints (morning at Place du Marquelet), Mers les Bains (night market from 6pm in July and August), Saint Valéry sur Somme (morning at Place du jeu de battoir)

Abbeville (except last week of the month: Wednesday, place du Grand Marché), Quend Plage (morning in July and August)

Airaines (afternoon), Cayeux sur Mer (morning), Le Crotoy (morning on Place J. d’Arc all year round), Feuquières en Vimeu (afternoon), Fort-Mahon Plage (morning all year round), Mers-les-Bains (night farmers’ market on the market square at 5pm in July and August), Saint Valéry sur Somme (local produce and craft market in the evening in July and August)

Abbeville (morning), Ault-Onival (morning, all year round), Gamaches (morning), Oisemont (morning), Rue (morning, Place de Verdun)

Blangy-sur-Bresle, Cayeux sur Mer, Saint Valéry sur Somme (morning, Place des Pilotes)