Wellness area

Rates & RĂ©servations


Modelling and beauty treatments at the campsite **** :
Your holidays under the sign of well-being and softness.

Our masseuse offers professional massages for 1 hour at 60 € (shiatsu – Californian – Ayurvedic).

Treat yourself to an hour of well-being with our qualified beautician at the Spa Sauna chalet. When you make an unusual reservation, surprise your partner with a relaxing surprise!

We welcome you in a beauty treatment room dedicated to solo/couple treatments and modelling. You will find the same professionalism as in a beauty salon.

We invite you to make an appointment as soon as you book in order to fully enjoy your session.

For your greater comfort, our beautician offers a range of treatments and modelling.


At the campsite

Well-being :
Discover the benefits of the Spa, the Sauna and the Jacuzzi. Treat yourself to beauty treatments, relaxing massages… All the benefits of well-being to discover alone or as a couple!

Enjoy the benefits of the Jacuzzi bubbling baths. After your hour in the spa, you will feel relaxed, soothed and toned! Let yourself be rocked by the soft light of the SPA.

The sauna, a camping holiday under the sign of well-being and relaxation! Eliminate fatigue, stress, stimulate blood circulation, purify your skin and relax your muscles, the sauna diffuses a light scent of soothing eucalyptus!

Treat yourself to a head-to-toe sculpting session with our professional beautician. The ultimate way to relieve fatigue, stress…

Book your massage with our qualified beautician:
– Face and bust massage
– Full body treatment
– Waxing
– Nail care
– Permanent make-up …

Wellness TARIFFS:
– 30€ for 2 people
– 45€ for 3 people
– 60€ for 4 people

Access to the Wellness chalet and massages are reserved for people over 18 years old.

Please contact Pascale for further information +33 (0)7 79 56 44 02

Outdoor activites

Fitness area

Stay fit with our fitness area during your holiday at the Clos Cacheleux campsite!

The BODY LIFT promotes:
Strengthening of the shoulders and arms, strengthening of the abdominal muscles and back, a complete workout of the arms by changing your grip, breathing coordination during the exercise.

The BODY CLOCK promotes:
Firming of the waist, abdominal gain, respiratory and muscular coordination.

The BODY RAMP promotes:
Strengthening of the back and arm muscles, improvement of cardiac capacity through endurance, coordination of breathing and exercise.

The BODY TRIPODE promotes:
Complete strengthening of the abdominal muscles, flexibility of the pelvis and ankle, balance management, upper body and lower body coordination.

The BODY CROSS-Country Skiing promotes:
Coordination of the body in movement, strengthening of the abdominal muscles, concentration to harmonise your movements, muscular work on the whole of your body, joint flexibility of the hip.