The beach of Le Crotoy

Plage de la Baie de Somme

More than anywhere else in the Baie de Somme, you will find the tradition of fishing and foot fishermen. Here you can find turbot, grey shrimps to be tasted with a slice of farmhouse bread and a bed of salt butter. These shrimps, also called “Seutrèles”, are sold along the Quai Courbet or rue St Firmin, the patron saint of Picardy. You can also find on the stalls of the fishermen on foot cockles of the bay and mussels of bouchots.
In the distance, you can see the fishermen on foot, with their trousers up, the rake in their hands and the seal.
Here you can feel the authenticity, the facades of the fishermen’s houses are not adorned with any frills. They cohabit with the pretty villas of the Belle Epoque.